5 reasons we love Wise Owl One Hour Enamel Paint to transform furniture

5 reasons we love Wise Owl One Hour Enamel Paint to transform furniture

Nothing transforms a room like changing colors.  Painting a wall, switching out pillows and throws, bringing in a new area rug, or transforming a piece of furniture with new paint.  Refinishing a piece of furniture can bring new life to not only the item but also the entire room.  Going bold, balancing with neutral, covering up older wood style, or matching up some great knobs can make amazing changes with minimal effort.

And that's why we love Wise Owl 1 Hour Enamel Paint.  It transforms and updates furniture quickly, easily, on style, and with some great color options.  These are our top 5 reasons we love this paint (but there are more).

1. It's durable - This paint was created for kitchen cabinets and front doors, all areas that get a lot of traffic.  It needs to tough and it is. It's an enamel paint so it's much more durable than others.

2. It's self leveling - When you paint this on, using a brush or roller, the paint levels itself into a more even finish.  Still watch for drips and uneven application, but also watch as it smooths itself into a great finish.

3. Dries in 1 hour - How fast is that?! Instead of a minimum 4 hour recoat time, this paint dries to the touch in about 1 hour.  They recommend waiting 2 hours between coat but this cuts the project time way down.  Now you can paint, have lunch, then paint again and be done by dinner!

4. The top coat is included - This is durable because it's formulated with a top coat included.  That gives it a harder finish every time you apply a coat of paint.  Not only are you getting a more durable paint but you don't have to spend extra time on a top coat.  No more extra steps, no more yellowing, no more smelly top coat.  Done!

5. Clean up is easy - Wise Owl One Hour Enamel is water based so it cleans up in a sink without additional nasty chemicals or throwing out brushes.  Just grab your favorite brush and keep using it over and over again.

This really is a product that once you try, you'll be in love with. 

My parents gave me a hutch that was sturdy but not the right wood tone for my home.  We needed a place in our bedroom for blankets and books so it occured to us that if we took off the top, it would be more of a cabinet rather than a hutch. 

So we took the top off (it comes right off so it was no problem), leaving just the bottom of the furniture piece.  Then it got a wipe down to get any dust or other gook off it. I also decided to take the doors off and took them down to the basement so they could spread out a bit and get flipped when painted. After finding some cardboard from a box to put under the legs, I started painting ... in our bedroom... on carpet!  2 coats of Jet Black OHE later it was done in a day.  I did let it dry overnight before putting the doors back on and there was only 1 little paint on the carpet issue (oops).  

That's just 1 story and there are so many more!  At The Perfect Piece Store, we've repainted a huge, old fixture to hold our Wise Owl Paint.  We chose Inkwell and Snow Owl, then put white and gold wall paper in the back and it looks awesome!

Many of our other open shelving fixtures are painted on new wood with Jet Black and Snow Owl.  They hold up to customers touching and banging around.  And if we find a table or bookshelf with great bones but needs a little love, we'll add 2 coats of paint and they are ready for your home. 

One suggestion we make about any new paint is to watch a video.  All paint or new techniques are just a bit different and it's worth the time to get some instructions.  There are tons of videos on refinishing furniture and here's just 1 example of how to brush on Wise Own Paint because it is just a little different than other paints. Brush on Wise Owl OHE

We'd love to help you transform your furniture or change the color of your kitchen!  You can order products straight from our website or stop in the store and pick some up.  Anything we don't have in stock, we can order for you.

And Wise Owl doesn't just do enamel paint but chalk paint, furniture salve, primer, brushes and more.  We love their products and can't wait to see pictures of how you upcycled, transformed, or just mixed it up.

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