What's new in 2024

What's new in 2024

New year = new ideas

We didn't set out to make a bunch of changes in January.  What started as one decision turned into so many more, including moving the store layout around.  Big picture, it's really not too crazy but it seemed like a lot to us.

Our computer checkout system went through a merger, requiring us to research and make major choices that impact the store for many years to come.  The former system was made for consignment stores and was a great product 10 years ago.  Since The Perfect Piece Store is no longer a consignment store (it was for about the first year but then changed to buying outright product), looking at other options was important.  Also, the internet has really changed how we buy and sell things over the last 10 years and we needed to think how all that effects our customers.  

After looking at a bunch of different options, we decided to go with Shopify as our POS and e-commerce platform.  We've had some experience at former stores with this and we liked how easy it is to use and how well customers can shop in their pj's at home with the online aspect.

When we decided to go with Shopify, it meant we could move the sales counter whenever we wanted.  Then we started brainstorming!  Where could we move the counter?  How could we make the store flow better? What would make more sense for customers? Could we make changes and add to our sales floor? Like I said... one decision turned into so many more...

Here's the rundown on how it all ended up.  While it's seemed like a bunch of things, it really is all working well and that's exciting.

1. New Check Out System - Our new check out system is faster and easier for customers to use. It gives us all access to a better website with online shipping options that we didn't have before.

2. New Counter Location - With the change of checkout systems, we could move the checkout counter any where we wanted! We talked about flow and what would make it easier and more inviting for customers. It's now located closer to the front door and the response has been very positive so far (thanks for that!).

3. Different Rewards System - Right now, we're going to lean into our email system and send coupons, sale announcements, and general information all through email. Next time you stop in, let's check to make sure your information is all up to date.

4. Personalization options in store or online - We have a variety of products you can personalize from the ornaments we did at Christmas to cutting boards and coasters. They are perfect for gifts! You can check them out in store or jump on the website for more info on options including shipping.

Thanks for your patience are we work through all our bumps. We appreciate all your kind works and smiles.  We just love our community here in Zelienople and all the surrounding areas. 


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