3 tips for seasonal decorating

3 tips for seasonal decorating

Designing a magazine-worthy home takes effort. While many of us would love such a home, this is another example of real life looking very different than Instagram. The reality is that all of us can find excitement in our home regardless of budget or design ability. This upcoming season is a great one to change some things with a few quick and easy additions.

Spring is finally here with summer running quickly behind. Let go of the dreary winter months and jump into color. It's surprising how much you can change the look of any room with minimal effort but just a few additions and tweaks. So, what's trending out there and how can we bring some fun into our home this season?

1. Color pops - Summer is the time for fun color. It's fresh, it's exciting, and it might not be your normal color. Think of a garden in full bloom... what colors do you see?  Pinks, yellows, reds, greens, purples, but also bright blue skies and big fluffy white clouds. Filling your entire home with those colors might be a bit much, but what's your favorite? What goes with your current decor? How can you add quick pops of color to your existing home? 

  • If you have a neutral home, whether it be beige, grey or even off white tones, pick a color or two to add. Grab some fun, bright pillows for your sofa.  Collect a few colored jars for flowers to sit on your counter or table. It's simple to change the feel of a room with a few pops of bright color.
  • Do you already have some color in your home? Bringing a similar color but in a brighter version will offer cohesive pops. Adding more vibrant versions of your existing colors brings that brightness you're looking for in a professional way.

2. Theme - Have you heard designers talk about a muse? It's something they use to design a space based on a color, artwork, or object that inspires but also focuses. Themes are important to create a cohesive design.

Summer themes can look very different than other seasons. They're more colorful, more fun, and crazy elements can be added just because (think how popular flamingos are!). One of the great aspects is that just a few elements go a long way.  When you look at adding big colors, you want a few additional elements rather than an entire home makeover. Here are a few ideas about summer themes:

  • Flowers are an obvious addition to the home during these months. If this is your jam, think about adding not only fresh flowers but also flowers on throw pillows, perhaps flowers on summer art, or decorative tablescapes. Think beyond simply one element but how to duplicate or repeat it throughout the home.
  • Do you love those flamingos? They are wild and fun. Most people don't want an entire house of them, but can they work for a summer theme? Oh yes! Not only can you use flamingo, but you can also use their color. Get pops of pink around. Bright pink glasses, flamingo serving platers, or summer signs to add into a collection.  
  • Water is a great summer theme. People have coastal themes, pool themes, or lake house themes with signs to decorate specific rooms in their homes. A theme doesn't need to take over the whole house, but simply adding a seasonal element to one area can make you feel like you've switched things up. You might change artwork and add a few decorative elements in your entry way. This doesn't change the entire home but allows you to enjoy a new theme when you come in the door.

3. Nature - Spring and summer are certainly a celebration of being outside. Overall design right now is trending back to natural elements with woods, stones, and simple greenery. This is the time to year, lean into your favorite version whether it be flowers, water, or wood elements. Add some natural wood trays to the living room, rotate seasonal flowers in your bathroom, or find your favorite our door color to run with.

 We all know people who completely switch out their entire home decor each season. Those people are impressive. But not all of us have the time or decorating will power to pull off such a feat. The good news is that redesigning your space can be done simply and with minimal investments. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Think small - Don't try to do the entire home. Experiment with one room or even one area. Create a cozy reading spot with new throw, pillow, coasters, and side table in your new color or theme. Dining tables are a great area to decorate seasonally, incorporating trendy elements to see how much you like them.
  • Lean into what you love - I was struggling to pull a living room together a few years ago. We hired a designer to give us suggestions before we started choosing new colors and looking into new furniture. As the designer went through the house, she pulled items from other rooms to create a much better looking room. She said to me that I had all the elements already but I was second guessing myself on what I liked and how it should go together. It was a light bulb moment. Many of us like certain things but don't think we should decorate with them. But it's what you love! If you like blue, lean in to blue. If you like natural materials, look at stone and greens and woods. Pinterest is full of great items but start with that you love, not what you think you should love.
  • Don't worry about being trendy - Trends come and go. Grey was the hot color a few years ago but it's moving back to beige and whites. Did you like the grey stage? Or are you more of a beige? Or a bold? How many color palettes revolve around bright colors? Boho, eclectic, retro, modern... Watch what's trending and incorporate that into your design but don't worry about being completely on trend. Most people do not have an entirely on trend home and that's okay. You be you. And that will be great.

Having a comfortable home is a mix of trendy and personal preference.  We can all create a place we love to spend time. When you shop at resale shops like ours, you can make your dollars go further and save items from going into landfills.  What a great way to decorate your home.

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